Hopin Instructions for LOL for BLC 2020!

Thank you for registering for LOL for BLC coming up on Saturday, September 26th 2020! Once you register for our event, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to login to our virtual event software, Hopin!

You will need to register for Hopin before the event begins and create a profile. Registration and creating a profile takes no more than five minutes! Instructions on how to do so are listed below.

Click on the button below to watch a video or scroll down for Step by Step instructions.

For questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to Shannon Wong at Shannon@benefitslawcenter.org or 206-686-7252 x112.

Hopin Virtual Platform Guide -- Please see below to learn about Hopin!

Navigating around Hopin

  1. Log on to Hopin on a computer if you can (chrome is the best browser to use -- you may experience problems if you are not using Chrome, so please take a moment to download the browser now)
  2. Please click on the link you received with your registration, or the link you received from Hopin 24 hours before the event begins
  3. Click Join Event (or get tickets, then join event – this will happen if you are on a phone, not a computer)
  4. Enter your contact information to get started: First Name, Last Name, Email Address and create a password. Check the “Terms and Conditions” Checkbox, and hit “Sign Up”
  5. You’re In! Click on the “Create A Profile” to enter your information for other attendees to see. Please upload a photo of yourself as well. If the event hasn’t started yet, you will see a countdown of how long before the event begins
  6. To navigate the software, view the column on the left side of the page. From there, you can go from sessions, to stage, or back to reception by clicking on each icon
  7. Make sure to click “Join Audio and video” so that your mic and camera start each time you move to different sessions
5:00 - 5:30 PM Reception — If you were invited to LOL for BLC by a table captain, you can visit their table during the reception portion of the evening. On the left hand side, click on the “Sessions” Tab. Once there, scroll to find the name of your Table Captain. Click on their table, and your video and audio will appear with the other attendees who are sitting at the table with you. To enable your camera and microphone, click the “Join Audio & Camera” button. Sessions
5:30PM-6:20PM Program — Our program will begin at 5:30PM and will run approximately 45 minutes. At 5:30PM, table captains will ask you to move to the stage area to view our program. Please click on the “Stage” button on the left hand side. Your video will close, and our live streaming will begin. Stage
6:25-8:00PM After Party (optional) – Our program will begin at 5:30pm and will end by 6:30pm. Once our program is over, you are welcome to go back to the “Sessions” tab, and rejoin your table for an LOL after party Sessions

As referenced in the video above, Hopin has three different spaces we will be using: Reception, Stage, Sessions.

     Reception: When you register and join the event, you will be directed to the Reception area. From there, you can see our sponsors and the schedule for the evening.

     Sessions:  If you were invited to LOL by a table captain, click on the sessions tab. From there, you will be able to scroll through the list of tables until you see the name of your table captain. Click on their table, then click the blue button that says “Join Audio and Video” so your camera and audio will appear with the other folks who have clicked on the table. You are not restricted to one table, feel free to click the “Sessions” button on the left column again, and go and visit the other sessions.

     Stage: Our program will begin at 5:30PM. You will see “LIVE” in red pop up when it is time to switch over to the stage to watch the program. Click there, and your video will close and you will be able to start watching our program.

If you are having trouble navigating the event in any way, we will have tech support ready and waiting to hear from you and answer your questions. You can contact them in three different ways:

      By joining their Table in the sessions section. Scroll down, and click on “Tech Support Table”

      By calling them at 206-686-7252 x 107 or 206-686-7252 x112

Tech Sessions will be available throughout the whole event. Feel free to always hop back to sessions to check in with a tech volunteer who will help you out.

  • You can make a donation at any time

            By Clicking on this link: https://secure.givelively.org/donate/seattle-community-law-center/lol-for-blc-a-comedy-event-for-economic-justice [Hint: We will also drop this link into the chat box]

            By texting ‘BLCCARES’ to 44321-- Please put 44321 in the "To" field, and BLCCARES in the "message" field

  • It is best to view our program on a computer.

             It is best to use Chrome. You may experience problems if you are not using Chrome, please take a moment to download Chrome now

  • It is best not to use an external monitor -- an external monitor may affect your sound input and output
  • Is your video slow, or are you buffering?

          - Your session may have too many people. Try switching to another session

          - You can increase your internet speed by take your other devices of Wifi (phone, tablet, etc)

          -  To increase your internet speed further, plug directly into your Modem using an ethernet cable 

          - Try "refreshing" your screen

          - Try lowering the resolution on the video. Hover your mouse over the screen. In the bottom right, click the icon, and switch your video quality to a lower number

Please reach out to Shannon Wong at shannon@benefitslawcenter.org or 206-686-7252 x112. Thank you for your support!

Day of Tech Support:

   Tech Tables: will be located in the "Sessions" Tab. Volunteers will be in the session waiting to help you. You can talk to them by "sharing your audio and video" or by typing into the chat box on the right side

   Chat: drop questions into the chat once you have "Entered" the event

   Give Us A Call: at 206-686-7252 x 107 or 206-686-7252 x 112